We all know that video is the most effective way to reach your audience. Whether it’s for brand awareness, product demonstration, recruiting, or training, video can simplify that process. In recent years, an increase in video marketing has changed the game of video advertising to introduce a new contender: Live stream. With apps like Facebook and Periscope, you’re guaranteed to stay on top of this video trend.

Product Demonstration

A great way to gain traction around your products and services is to perform a live stream demo. It allows the audience to get a firsthand look at the great features you provide. Such high-profile companies as Adobe, have found that using webinar marketing can boost conversions by 500%. If people can see and understand your product, they are more likely to buy it.

Share Breaking News

Giving exclusive live-updates can generate buzz around recent developments with the simple touch of a button. Careful! Planning a thoughtful message or using one written by professional scriptwriters beforehand, will prevent coming off nervous or unprepared on a live stream- by then there’s nowhere to run!

Show Behind the Scenes Look

Getting a firsthand look at how events or trade shows are put on is like getting to hear a secret that no one else knows! Allowing your fan base to see the “other side of the camera” will keep people hooked on the events you want to showcase. This is a great way to involve viewers until the official highlights reel of your event comes out. If you are looking for a more professional video for your company event or trade show, check out this page to see innovative examples we can recreate for you.

Share Promotions and Deals

Sharing promotions and deals is a great way to promote brand marketing. Live streaming provides an easy way to market deals for brand visibility. Limited live stream offers, discounted services, or even free live-stream consultations are all great ways to use the app effectively. For a more targeted campaign, try using video production advertising. You can check out some samples of videos here.

Build Personal Customer Relationships

One of the great features of live stream capabilities, is that it allows viewers to interact with the executives of your company in the moment. By giving the customer an opportunity to voice concerns, you offer a level of brand transparency unlike any other.

There are also opportunities to run an organized Q&A session with any one of your team members. Long form Q&A is a great way to clear up any confusion that may come from a written format such as website FAQ or a Twitter Q&A session. For example, JP Morgan ran into some issues when trying to answer questions under the 140-character limitation of Twitter. Apps like Periscope remedy this issue with an engaging platform providing more structure and control over the session and duration.

Appeal to Different Demographics

Live streaming has two ways to reach your target audience. The first is through promoting on your social media and asking followers to tune in. The second is grabbing potentially untapped markets that will see your broadcast and decide to tune in. A great way to capture these first time followers is to create enticing video live-stream titles. This tip alone will double the exposure!

Final Tips

There are plenty of ways to use Facebook and Instagram live-stream capabilities to your advantage. Keep in mind these quick tips to run a successful broadcast.

1. Timing is key. Though there aren’t specific metrics yet, base your live-stream off your target audience and prime Twitter hours, as the app is hosted through Twitter.

2. Title is crucial. As we said above, without a great title, you could lose potentially untapped markets while live streaming. Keep is quick and catchy.

3. Make it easy to find. Advertise your live-stream on all mediums but make sure to include the link to your broadcast. If any first time users want to watch, they may not know where to go unless you direct them.

4. Respond to your followers live. Otherwise, what is the point of live streaming? People want to be involved, so keep them engaged by responding.

For more information about how to use live-stream video to promote your business or for information on traditional video marketing, reach out to us here. We’d e happy to help in any way we can.

Are you excited about going live? For more information about how to use live-stream video to promote your business or traditional video marketing, reach out to us here. We’d be happy to help!

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