Video’s impact on viewers, customers and consumers is untouchable compared to other inbound marketing strategies. It gives the audience an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it delivers your brand’s message and its offerings in an efficient and effective way.

As many marketers know, video content plays an important role in creating brand awareness. In fact, large corporations offer live streaming and video ads on a regular basis, while mobile videos have become a unique call-to-action opportunity. Videos are not just for new flashy start-ups though, older companies must utilize video to remain competitive in their industry.

How did General Electric use Video Marketing?

GE or General Electric, is a trusted company when it comes to providing lighting and appliances that are 1000-energy star qualified. They have been offering products that are truly beneficial not only for homes but for businesses as well. As a long-time industry leader, the company is constantly looking for opportunities forgrowth and innovation. In 2015, GE embarked on reviving their strategy by partnering with Bill Nye.

Bill Nye, with the help of the National Science Foundation, launched a new web series entitled “Emoji Science” on the GE Tumblr account. In the series, Bill Nye introduces the Emoji Table of Experiments as he performs an experimental lab.

These videos were uploaded to Mashable Watercooler’s YouTube page which pushed brand awareness for GE, as it was able to reach a tremendous 1.5 million views.

What does research say about video marketing?

Researchers have found that when marketers use the word video in their email, they increase their target audience’s click-through rate by about 19%. What’s even more promising is 78% of people are fond of watching videos every week online, with another 55% watching them daily!

Considering such amazing video statistics, it’s not surprising that marketing and sales professionals turn to video marketing to increase ROI.

Why do Businesses Need to Focus on Mobile Video?

We are living in a world where everything we need is in the palm of our hands. Avid mobile users are 1.8X more likely to share and 1.6X more likely to start a conversation about a video they’re watching that promotes something.

Videos can make you cry, laugh, and most importantly, it can make you open your wallet and purchase products or services. Although a mobile device is small, it is indeed very powerful. So powerful in fact that it demands the attention of viewers any and everywhere. Watch the great lengths viewers will go to create the perfect mobile stand wherever they see fit!

How can One be Effective in Video Marketing?

Provide engaging and relevant content that people are interested in, and brand awareness will naturally increase.

As more benefits for using professional video are realized, there is every reason to take advantage.

By providing content that solves viewers problems, the video automatically promotes meaningful engagement and interaction with the brand. This type of advertising encourages people to watch immediately as they have relevant needs, and not as just another unqualified viewer.

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