Appealing to the B2B Audience

In the age of 24-hour accessibility, companies are finding success in relatability. The most common form of relatability proves to be humor. This quality attracts audiences from all sectors, including the B2B space. For example, LastPass, a password management software, launched a series of humorous videos aimed at gaining corporate clients. The videos documented the end of the “password troll” era now that LastPass keeps login information secure.

Humor to Horror

For every humorous corporate success there have been countless more missteps. DiGiorno, the frozen pizza giant, received an influx of disdain after they misunderstood the meaning of the hashtag “#WhyIStayed.” The hashtag was referring to the reasons listed by survivors of domestic violence as to why they did not leave the relationship. For obvious reasons when DiGiorno tweeted “#WhyIStayed you had pizza,” people did not take kindly. Although the tweet was immediately deleted and a company apology was released hours later the damage had already been done. Just as humor in company marketing can quickly catch on in a positive way, DiGiorno represents the inverse effect.

Humor in Video Content

Branching out from text distributed through the channels of social media, video proves to be even more effective in conveying humor. Apple’s revenues declined 7.7% in the 2016 fiscal year. This was the first decrease in the tech retailer’s history since 2001. Apple Music proved to be the only shining star of the company’s endeavors in 2016, aided by a boost from a series of humorous commercials.

Apple Music released a commercial in April 2016 featuring popstar Taylor Swift falling off a treadmill to the tune of rapper Drake’s “Jumpman.” The song’s sales would shoot up 431% percent globally. After Drake returned the favor that November by making his own rendition where he lifts weights to the tune of Swift’s “Bad Blood,” the streaming service proved the value of the video’s impact. In February 2016 (prior to the ads running) Apple Music listed 11 million subscribers. Come December of that year the 20 million subscriber mark was reached.

Capturing Humor Through Video

DHD Films understands the value of capturing video that most fittingly serves the needs of businesses. Through planning, filming, editing, and creating motion graphics DHD’s capabilities can propel any brand forward. Most importantly, we are able to grasp the value of humor and inject it into our own in-house films. Take our new member welcome video below for example.

We are committed to providing a creative visual storytelling experience, and we hope that story is yours. For more information on how to add humor to your next visual story, reach out to us here.

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