Traditional marketing wisdom holds that businesses should keep a firm, professional distance from any sort of commentary on social issues. After all, your business exists to provide a product or service, not to play pundit on whatever hot-button issue is dominating headlines.

However, recent research on the buying preferences of Americans subverts this knowledge. According to a multitude of sources, people overwhelmingly prefer businesses that demonstrate social consciousness and responsibility. Real-world examples show that video is the best medium for communicating your organization’s position. By carefully sculpting authentic videos that riff on social issues, your business will be more relatable, more topical, and more real to the public at large.

Businesses with a Soul

Perhaps the crown jewel of socially responsible companies would be Ben and Jerry’s. The ice cream giant seeks to secure more than just a place in customer’s freezers, but also their hearts. In a clever and brand-conscious effort to protest the anti-gay marriage legislation in Australia, Ben and Jerry’s banned double scoops of the same flavor in the country.

Video: The Socially-Conscious Medium

What better way to demonstrate the socially conscious core of a business than by walking someone through it. Ben and Jerry’s seems to understand that every issue, big or small, can be made much more appetizing when described using ice cream. Take this video of the company’s involvement in climate change activism for example.

How Much is Too Much?

The most obvious drawback to social commentary is the possibility of turning away potential customers. Young people between the ages 26 and 35 are up to 20% more likely to frequent a company that shares the same core values. This promising figure turns many businesses on to social commentary, however it also has an inverse effect. The age bracket of 56 and older are 16.2% less likely to buy from a brand that contradicts their own beliefs. Considering that older buyers typically have more disposable income, these facts can limit the amount of opinion a company reveals.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, the line that marks taboo topics for companies to associate with has been redrawn. In addition to working towards our professional goals, DHD is working towards a better America. One of the steps we are taking to achieve this is volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank along with valued clients.

Whether documenting your company’s social commentary or social responsibility, DHD Films has the video solution. Contact us here or join us for our next service project to learn more about what we can offer you.

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