All of our workspaces and lives have changed drastically over the past several months. In some cases, motivation and productivity may be hard to achieve. We’ve compiled some of our best tips for increasing your productivity while working from home.

Working from Home = Working in the Office

Simply put, treat working from home the same as working from the office. Have the mindset of being in an office even when you aren’t. Start by having a workspace solely dedicated to work. Try not to make this workspace your couch, beanbag chair, or bed. Secondly, set a schedule and your daily or weekly priorities just like you would in an office and follow it. Finally, do not practice habits that you wouldn’t at your physical office or workspace. This may include snacking, having your kids on your lap, or anything of the sort.

Practice Discipline by Getting Rid of the Distractions Around You

Working from home may include occasionally encountering distractions, such as from family members or your phone. One of the most productive habits is to turn off unnecessary notifications until you finish a designated task. Setting a separate time to check social media, email, messages, and other non-work-related tasks will decrease these distractions. Additionally, if you tend to get distracted by the noise around you, utilize noise-canceling headphones.

Tackle the Hardest and Most Complex Tasks First

You may have been successful turning off notifications, acquiring an amazing workplace, eliminating noises around you, but how do you motivate yourself? Of course, now and then, there may be tasks that seem uninteresting or overwhelming to you. Research shows that finishing these tasks first tends to increase one’s overall productivity. Doing these tasks earlier in the day, when you have the most energy and motivation, makes them easier to get done. You’ll be able to check these tasks off your list and avoid dreading them all day – it’s a win-win situation.

Take Breaks as Often as You Need Them

Taking breaks is a great way to de-stress and take some time to collect your thoughts. It keeps you from getting too overwhelmed and helps you focus better. When working at home, you should take a break to refuel, spend quality time with your pet, or just stand up and stretch. Being hunched over a computer all day does not make for good posture either, so make sure to move during your breaks. You may tend to overwork yourself, as you may not have to leave a particular place at a certain time. Nevertheless, always remember to look after your health as well.

 Don’t Stress. Enjoy.

At the end of the day, enjoying what you do is one of the most important success factors. Remind yourself every now and then, of the reason you chose this path for yourself. Bringing your goals and aspirations back into perspective can help you focus and succeed. 

We hope these tips can keep you on track and help you in these uncertain times.