Gone are the days of the one-dimensional agency. In today’s market, companies need more than a pre-packaged product delivered with no additional guidance. To compete with the constant stream of content, brands need their agencies to operate both as consultants and as suppliers. This, as we call it, is a solutions partner.

Like any successful relationship, this partnership is built through trust and communication. Aligning your brand with a solutions partner extends the reach of what can be achieved. Now, the two companies can brainstorm and create in unison. Putting more capable minds together will help reach a better final product. In this new model, client and agency together make up a cohesive business solutions unit. This solidifies a stronger front from which content is created, challenges are remedied, and trends are predicted. For us, this relationship is rooted in one common belief: that the most poignant form of content, time and time again, proves to be video. It is pervasive, easily promulgated, and allows the messaging at hand to be effused clearly and creatively.

For example, Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, has the need for a large quantity of video messaging to match the breadth and depth of company’s consultative work. As consultants we have recognized which video format is most effective for each individual project, and have prescribed the right video solution for each project. Ranging from animation to 360° video to interview-style pieces and more, our consultative approach is one of the key reasons that our solutions partnership has been so successful. Throughout this process, we collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to conceptualize solutions, write scripts, develop personalized distribution plans, and more. The nature of our relationship with Cognizant has allowed both companies to venture down many ground-breaking avenues together. This open-communication enables both sides to be on the same page as we write ourselves into the history books.

Whether we are creatively producing content regarding Cognizant’s Accelerator Program, brainstorming ideas for their various product launches or interviewing C-Suite Executives, our job as a solutions partner is to continually raise the bar. Together we envision out-of-the-box ideas so that DHD Films can deliver extraordinary business results for Cognizant.

Speaking to this unique synergy is Irene Sandler, Cognizant VP of Corporate Marketing. She states that “when I work with DHD Films, I often wonder whether I’ve misplaced my tinfoil hat: they have an uncanny ability to anticipate the style and substance I’m looking for in a video shoot.”

The immersive Group VR Theatre is showcased.

UT Southwestern, Dallas’ premier research hospital, is yet another example of our strategic partnership with clients. Our business solutions partnership is based on a shared passion for constant improvement. In late 2018, we came to the conclusion that the hospital needed immersive, show-stopping experiences in order to properly display their cutting-edge research for their 75th Anniversary Celebration. DHD worked with UTSW to refine their goals and we proactively researched immersive experiences to find the optimum technology and content platform to suit their needs. Providing a turn-key solution, DHD supplied a completely immersive dome-like Theater for their 75th anniversary celebrations. Deployed both at an intimate donor gala and at a family-centered event of over 3,000, DHD’s GroupVR experience was a showstopper across the board and has led to repeat deployments for UTSW at several other events.

From DHD Films’ own experience, our best work has been achieved when we operate as a solutions partner. As sales and marketing channels continue to flood with content, the need for a solutions partner emerges like a buoy in rough water. Now more than ever, the importance of creating content capable of rising to the top, above competitors, is paramount. So, leave the one-dimensional world behind and look through the kaleidoscope of possibilities with a solutions partner.

It’s time to join the solutions revolution!