We’re glad you’re back for Part 2 of Unleashing Your Brand Power with Video Brochures. As a special thank you for your interest we are extending a special offer for 10% off video brochure orders of 200+, from now until May 30th, 2019!

In the second half of the series we will explore video brochures’ power to impress in hospitality, boost attendance at events and amplify credibility in testimonials. Read on for inspiration:

A vast array of video brochures are shown, exhibiting the wide range of this product offering.

Hospitality (Food, Hotel, etc.)

Our expectations when it comes to how we are served food is always on a grand level–as it should be when objects are going into our mouths.

The factors that make up these expectations, however, aren’t just the display of the food or the appearance of the waiter. The menu can play a huge role in a customer’s appetite.

Add an exquisite touch to your eating establishment’s entire aura by providing an interactive menu using video brochures. The detail and history you can provide about how an item is cooked, the chef’s culinary experience, calories and more can provide a needed differentiator between you and competitors. Try it. It’s the small details that make all the difference. Bon Appetit!

Event Invitation

Everyone won’t admit it, but most people base their attendance to an event on how enticing the invite is. You can’t blame them either. The invite is the initial communication that serves as the precursor for how worthy a soiree will be. Don’t miss out on great connections and awesome memories with sub-par invites—especially if you consider it a big deal.

Video brochures offer opportunities in design customization and visual interactivity that will automatically stir the anticipation for your event. Your only requirement is to choose the highest quality images and messaging to best match your event theme and vibe. Turn up time!


Testimonials are already a major part of establishing your brand’s credibility. Up the ante by housing and displaying your client’s praises in a package that personifies your brand’s appreciation and taste for advanced technology.

Video brochures combine the social influence of testimonials with the perfect delivery method of instant video. Take your testimonials to the next level by enhancing their presentation and proving just how much you cherish positive word of mouth.

A DHD Video Brochure is showcased.

Don’t Let Innovation Slip By

The case for video brochures is in the awe-struck reactions that are constantly drawn from experiencing one. Although video is now a prolific piece of digital marketing success, the variety of ways it can be presented is where you’ll find the advantage. Whatever industry you’re in, providing a fresh platform for your audience to view your content will catapult your brand as a leader. Don’t let an opportunity for the creativity marketers beg for slip through your video efforts.

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