With the new year upon us, resolutions are made and new habits are formed in the hopes of implementing change. In the video production atmosphere, that change is inevitable regardless of the time of year. New technologies, equipment and techniques appear what feels like every day. Here is what DHD Films is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Peak Pixels

Our recent shoot with Buick was filmed entirely in 6K. 6K refers to the resolution of the video, which is made crystal clear due to its 6,000 pixels. One-upping our own video advances, the Treehouse Project was shot in 8K. The final product is evidence of the power of technological advances in video. A production is so much more impactful when the viewer feels as if they are right in the room.

Chevy Delivery via Helicopter

DHD Films played a hefty part in capturing the helicopter delivery of the 2019 Chevy Silverado. Held at Texas Motor Speedway, Chevy decided the best way to reveal its new pickup was to fly it in via helicopter. The final product showcases the crown jewel of the Chevrolet truck collection, while also pricelessly capturing spectator reactions. This process was captured in 6K with the addition of a time lapse video being created in order to see the process from start to finish.

Rangers Involve Fan Base in Construction Efforts

To highlight another creative video endeavor, this one not executed by DHD, The Texas Rangers Globe Life Field time lapse construction video (is a landmark project. Allowing viewers to see the progress for themselves, this undertaking will help tide over the Rangers fan base until the park opens in 2020.

At DHD Films we pride ourselves on anticipating innovation and staying ahead of the curve. If a cutting edge or out of the box video project is on your horizon this year, let us help turn that plan into a reality by contacting us here.

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