The minute my internship started I was served deadlines, projects and hands-on experiences I would never look back from – and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Starting my internship with DHD Films altered most everything my college textbooks told me to expect or suggest I become. I was about to unearth the best version of myself and my career.

Within the first week, I was given the reigns on the creation and deployment of social media content, as well as creative control of the copy in email marketing campaigns. The challenge of being trusted to convey the digital voice and image of the company helped me to discover several sides of myself I never acknowledged: creativity, bravery, determination, and the insatiable desire for constant improvement.

I realized then that DHD had conquered the magical formula of instilling confidence and fun into the challenge of learning and accomplishing your field.

At the end of my internship I was offered a part-time position in the Marketing department. To top it off, an awesome She-Hulk poster with my name emblazoned across it was added to the revered Superheroes wall. This solidified a lifelong relationship I’m sure to appreciate and benefit from no matter where I go.

With an entire team of supporters that genuinely want to see you succeed, you are gaining more than an impressive resume. That’s the remarkable foundation of a DHD experience. It enriches you as a person and an employee, complementing any position you take; whether that means accepting an internal opportunity or excelling towards a new path.

If learning from experts within an exciting culture fits your career interests, check out our internship opportunities here. We can’t wait to welcome you to the DHD Films Family!

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