Hello everyone! Welcome to the start of weekly blog entries from us, the DHD Sales and Marketing Interns for Summer 2020. We hope you enjoy reading about us and the exciting topics we will be writing on. We hope to offer you a unique perspective and insight into our journey here at DHD Films.

Siraj is going to start us off with his first social media promotion experience

The path to working as a Sales & Marketing Intern at DHD Films is one that I quite frankly did not see coming. As crazy as it sounds, I have completed my first official task as an intern with the company, and in all honesty, what a great week it’s been. I am very fortunate to be part of a tremendously talented group of fellow interns who know more about marketing & sales than me, for the most part.

The first task that I worked on was a Juneteenth video created by DHD Films. As you’d expect, the sales & marketing interns were responsible for promoting this content on five major social networking platforms. As a group, we did an excellent job promoting the content, and personally, it was my first time going out of my way to promote anything on social media. I could talk more, but it’s time to get back to work. Cheers! 

Here’s Simran sharing the many new things she learned this week

Have you ever heard the phrase “you learn something new every day?” Well, this week, I learned more than just one thing every day. I am so beyond grateful for all the opportunities I have encountered thus far. At the start of this week, I already had six or more tasks on my to-do list each day. However, this week, my “to-dos” weren’t so much of simple or complex tasks. Instead, this week was filled with a learning curve followed by topics that I added to my list to seek out more knowledge in specific areas.

Starting the week off with finishing some courses in specific areas, I headed into the DHD world of storytelling. This was an extraordinary experience: the culture, workspace, and creative minds that were part of this company did not fail to provide an enhanced valuable experience into this internship. Mind you, and my optimism on this topic, but this is only the beginning of an incredible progression, and I’m continuously striving to learn and make the most of it. 

Next up, we have Sanju reminding us always to try our best

Upon joining DHD Films this past week, the team has taught me numerous and thoughtful things! As things started to pick up throughout the week, we (the interns) got to know each other a lot better on a personal level through working on various projects. Additionally, through the Culture Index profiles, we also had a chance to understand each person’s analysis and how their personality is in a work setting and in general. Also, our amazing President and mentor, Hussain Manjee, has been paving the way for us. I learned that taking ownership is critical, whether it be taking ownership of a project or task for yourself and others. I also learned that you must “go all-in” to be successfully efficient. Give it your best, and if you make a mistake, learn from that mistake and keep moving on!

Saniya shares her little steps to success

There is a famous saying that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it.” However, do we really try to make the problems life throws at us better? Why do we even blame life for it? I was always curious about the functionality of this quote, until I found out about Muniba Mazari. Muniba lost her power to walk in an accident. She was then bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Due to this unfortunate accident, she also lost the chance to be the mother of a child. All her life, she was directed by others for her decisions. After this incident, however, those others left her side to let her make her own decisions. This is where she turned those lemons into lemonade. 

Muniba Mazari is an artist, activist, motivational speaker, and the first Asian wheel chaired model. She started with a painting in a hospital bed that was filled with colors of her grief. From there, she made a difference in society by reaching a platform where she was able to make a difference in society.

I never wanted to be in the wheelchair, never thought of being in the wheelchair. This life is a test and a trial, and the tests are never supposed to be easy, so when you’re expecting ease from life, and life gives you lemons, then you make the lemonade, and then do not blame life for that. It is okay to be scared, and it is okay to cry. Everything is okay, but giving up should not be an option.

Muniba Mazari

After she surpassed all the hurdles life brought her, she was still able to be the mother of a son. All her fears became her strengths, taking that little step changed Muniba’s life. It can change ours because we all have our own definition of success.

Arij concludes by reminding us that self-care is something everyone should exercise

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had many changes in my life. I joined an internship with DHD Films, took on many new assignments, and met the rest of my team. Along with this, I learned about the different things they’ve accomplished and the different experiences they’ve had. I also discovered a newfound sense of motivation I had lost over the past couple of months. With so many changes, good and bad, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and disheartened. Tasks become harder to complete, and socializing seems impossible. Curling up in bed and watching 15 hours of TV looks more appealing.

The rabbit hole is within reach, and productivity is nowhere to be seen. However, instead of giving in to that urge, fight back harder. Take on new projects and create a commitment for yourself. Healthy accountability works wonders. Take care of yourself by increasing your own productivity. It doesn’t have to be work/school-related. It could be something as simple as completing a skincare routine or reading a couple of pages from a book. Set small goals for yourself at the beginning of every day and aim to accomplish them. A little reward doesn’t hurt either. Self-care is vital, and ultimately, you’ll feel better.

We’ll be back next week with more insights and leanings as we continue this journey over the summer. Stay Tuned.

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