DHDGiga, the brainchild of DHD Films, has officially taken off and is rapidly climbing to new altitudes. This state-of-the-art post-event engagement tool has captured the attention of local businesses and events, with no ceiling in sight. Most recently, Dallas Startup Week took notice of this “new kid” on the tech block, and implemented DHD Giga for their Keynote Speech Event, featuring none other than Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban delivers his Keynote Speech as the DHDGiga is captured.

Jose Medina, DHDGiga Product Manager, sat down with us to give some insights into the vast capabilities, broad array of applications, and limitless future of this industry-disrupting technology.

Interviewer: What has been the biggest challenge so far in creating and mastering gigapixel technology?

Jose Medina: The biggest challenge was creating a workflow that allowed my team to deliver an astonishing 360° gigapixel image 24 hours after an event. There was no manual handed to us and it took the team and I a lot of failing-forward to get us where we’re at today.

I: If you could go back to DHDGiga’s inception, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself?

JM: First of all, I would pay to go back and this is what I would tell myself: What problem do I think I’m solving? Validate the problem statement, and then find myself a mentor!

I: How does DHDGiga differentiate itself from other 360° imaging technologies?

JM: DHD Giga is different in the fact that it has the capabilities to create images that you could zoom into from hundreds of feet away and still clearly identify a person. On top of that, we have a web platform that integrates with the most popular social media sites. This is the perfect blend for creating social engagement on a personal level.

*Note: DHD Giga produces at least 30 times more resolution than a high-end 8K resolution 360° camera.

I: If you could tell people only one thing about the benefits of DHDGiga, what would that be?

JM: It’s ability to engage thousands and reach millions even after the event has ended.

I: Are there any misconceptions about this technology?

JM: One misconception that has been brought up in the past is that we don’t have the rights to capture people’s images at events. That isn’t true – most events will inform you, either directly or indirectly, that by attending their events you give the venue the right to use your image. The good thing is, we still respect people’s privacy and we have a cool feature called, “Cover Me”. This allows an attendee to put an emoji over their face and nobody will ever know they were there.

I: What is the craziest way you can imagine this technology being utilized?

JM: I can imagine this technology being deployed on a rover on Mars. We can finally move on from bigfoot and search for Martians.

I: What was the most recent DHDGiga Capture?

JM: DHDGiga was deployed to capture Mark Cuban’s keynote speech at Dallas Startup Week during the first week of April. What was this experience like? Hard work pays off. We took our years of learnings and the rest is history. Our work was featured on the Dallas Innovates website and, for the first time, we have DHD Giga under the Dallas spotlight. That’s a testament to the entire team behind DHDGiga.

I: What are the most common applications for this technology?

JM: The most common business application for DHD Giga would be events with large crowds.

I: Where would you like to see DHDGiga go in the next five years?

JM: Ideally, we’d like to be at every major historical event across the globe. My work would finally be in the history books!

For more information, visit the DHD Giga webpage.

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