Companies everywhere are beginning to see the significance in hiring a team that is not only talented, but also fits their company attitude, norms and values. With 41% of brands losing $25,000 behind a bad hire, using versatile tactics such as video are imperative.

Watch how Sendero’s culture video upholds their standard of putting employee happiness first. Warning, their joy is contagious.

Sports fans understand the vitality of this concept when athletes on free agency make their team selections. They pick the best fit according to their abilities and team attributes, like location, team comradery and role responsibility. Similarly, in creating a company culture video, how employees are portrayed must be taken into consideration to attract the most suitable options. The end goal is to draw the qualified players that best fit the team and deter the ones that don’t.

Team Chemistry

Get creative in showing off the details of your brand that make you unique. A culture that is communicated properly reaps great economic and productivity benefits. According to, companies with a defined culture experience a 30% less turnover rate.

Our team takes a unique spin on demonstrating our culture by creating fun videos that incorporate our team getting some camera time. Watch how we welcomed one of our newest members to the family.

Now, there’s no need to fill up your calendar with mindless activities. A quick survey of your team’s interests and hobbies should provide a sizeable list. Another powerful team-building exercise is volunteering. You can find these opportunities through your local nonprofit or signing up with groups like Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) that have vast resources and opportunities for community wide giving.

Capturing expressions during these team interactions gives a better idea of what your company personality entails. With all these good vibes on display, recruiting works itself out.

The Playbook

Hiring through culture does not end with the production of your video. Proper placement is crucial to getting the attraction you desire. 82% of Twitter users now interact with brands on the platform, making opportunities to connect with suitable candidates viable. Additionally, LinkedIn provides invaluable residence for your culture video with its uncanny ‘business meet qualified talent’ algorithm.

Zappos has a high following on these platforms, and their “How They Work” video provides all the evidence behind the mass lure to the brand.

Offense and Defense

Just as sport teams continually develop their playbook, you must be committed to defending the culture you’ve established to retain newly accrued talent.

Let’s review the benefits. Culture videos:

  • Showcase your brand personality.
  • Serve as motivation and a reminder of what makes your team great.
  • Gives incoming talent an idea of how their temperament and talent can fit (or not fit) with your company culture.

While mission statements and values are important, it’s gauging the employee happiness barometer through these standards that will keep them around.

In the words of our CSO, Hussain Manjee, “Hire the attitude, then train the talent”.

Are you ready to boost your brand’s productivity and work-life satisfaction? Contact us to start your talent-attracting culture video today.

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