Originality. Uniqueness. Innovation. Things we seek in content creation but are rarely discovered. What we deem as original is usually later discovered to be something that was taken from someone else.

But, scraping others’ ideas and improving upon them is nothing new. Take the dozens of versions of Superman that have been presented to us over the past three decades. With each release, millions are spent to watch him save the day time and time again.

So how was the same concept remade over and over and still saw success?

Because “new” ideas are built from existing ideas, and when presented to a new generation or with the added innovations, we get an original idea reincarnated. The same concept can be applied to your brand’s content creation process.

Out with the Old in with the Old

In today’s world of “sharing”, it seems all content avenues have been tread, leaving content creators feeling drained.

So what is the solution?

Remaining authentic, while providing useful information you feel is scarce, is the best route to take if you are truly seeking to stand out. It is how you apply this goldmine of information in your work that determines if you will engage your audience, or lose them in the jumble of “been there done that” content.

Same Package, New Surprise

When it comes to the uncertainty of using recycled information, we must remember there is a new generation of prospects- the largest of these generations being Millennials- that are seeking fresh content relevant to their current world.

So how can we make what’s old current?

The same nostalgia we enjoy when watching cinematic remakes is the same emotion you can evoke when you revive old content in a new light. Take Mercedes-Benz 2015 Super Bowl commercial, where they take a beloved tale that has been retold for generations and put it in an appealing 3D visual format.

More recently Honda’s Big Game commercial played off Millennials hunger for “throwbacks” in casting different stars speaking from their high school yearbook photos.

Information gets outdated and becomes forgotten until someone comes along and presents it in a new package. It’s like our favorite classic movies; Yes, we know every line, but our excitement at seeing it in 3D or 360 gives us a whole new thrill.

And with 61% of Millennials more willing to spend money on brands that showcase experiences, rehashing old content is a super marketing advantage.

Now That We Know Old is Gold; How Do We Implement it in Our Marketing Efforts?

With video leading the way as the chosen avenue of sharing content, the visual possibilities of presenting ideas with our own spins are endless.

But as with any recycled storyline, attention to timing and trends is important to how well it’s received.

So, here are 3 key points to keep in mind when you’re pulling tricks from an old hat:

Experiment with new trending effects.

Play with color, graphics, and any other technological resources that will give the piece new life–but keep it geared toward current tastes. For instance, if you lived in the 80’s Technicolor effects were all the rage. Today (as of now anyway)–not so much. Keep this in mind along with other overused effects you should avoid.

Keep your audience and strategy goals in mind.

The bottom line is to have your brands identity in tune with your marketing strategy to increase conversion. Let your audience be your guide in what style– and when– you should present old information.

Finally, leave a unique stamp.

You’re generally relaunching the idea with a focus on something that was perhaps overlooked before or should now be emphasized.

Good Finders Make Great Keepers. Own It.

With the proper SEO optimization and killer quality content, your video will reach its target. No matter how many times someone has seen similar content, they haven’t seen yours.

Remember the age-old saying, “It’s not what is said, it’s how it’s said”.

You are telling your story like no one else can.

Julie Neidlinger with CoSchedule blog sums it up: “Stories are the gold standard […] because they always have value–even in the midst of a deluge of content marketing.”

So recreate that idea. Your content is fit for someone one keyword away from your take on the story.

Want to add innovative elements to your content? Contact us for ground-breaking production of your story.