Head of People & Technology

With over 6 years of leadership experience, Jose brings a proven track record in driving team performance and implementing strategic HR initiatives. His leadership style is marked by independence, a clear vision, and a proactive approach to achieving goals. As the Head of People and with previous roles as Product Manager and Head of Production, Jose has honed his skills in design thinking, performance management, and effective team leadership.

Jose excels in fostering positive team dynamics through open communication, group recognition, and ensuring every team member feels heard and valued. Comfortable in high-pressure situations, he prides himself on adaptability, focus, and a commitment to upholding standards and compliance within his teams. His decision-making is grounded in facts and analysis, contributing to successful outcomes. Jose fosters a culture of continuous learning, emphasizing individual and team potential.

Driven by a passion for creating positive work environments, Jose consistently seeks innovative solutions, demonstrating strong emotional intelligence. Eager to expand his network and learn from others, Jose welcome the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals to share insights and experiences.