When you initially approach the idea of creating a video to represent your brand, you may immediately jump to the shoot. The excitement of the finishing project pulls your focus to the lights, camera and action on set. You begin to ponder who should star, when your company slogan should be stated and the location. While these are very important elements to the success and quality of the project, they are only appendages to the root of what makes a great video.

The pre-production process is the vital, but often overlooked stage of the production process that must be completed to prevent a reckless final edit. Without this step, your video will lack the characteristics and details needed to authentically represent your brand.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what DHD Films producers extract during this process to create an awesome final visual.

What is pre-production?

Pre-production is the fool-proof step that ensures our production crew is geared with all the important elements of your brand personality and vision for the project, before the cameras roll. These elements include, timing, filters, vibe, talent, props, and audience needs. Coca-Cola’s, Share a Coke USA Commercial is often used as a reference for tone and angle examples for upcoming productions.

DHD Films producer, Mike Slaughter, uses a predefined questionnaire based off the client’s initial concepts presented to him by our business development team. Knowing the video type, from a motion graphics to an explainer, helps guide the questions asked of the client to garner the most beneficial information in better understanding what the company is seeking to accomplish with the video.

“Good Preproduction is the basis for an awesome finished project.”

– Mike Slaughter, DHD Films Producer

After all information from the interview is corralled, DHD Films producer, Elliot Mayen, likes to go into his creative ‘space’ and begins researching, doodling, reading—doing just about anything that has the potential to spark an idea that will perfectly align with the client’s; but from a creator’s perspective. While the client understands the feeling they want to convey, our producer’s job is to capture that feeling as accurately as possible to be reproduced in a visually aesthetic presentation.

A storyboard, like the one below, is often crafted at this point as a visual reference for the client and directors to follow. It portrays the scenes in the desired sequence, often with captions to guide the accompanying narrative as well.

“Creativity comes first, then layer on the logistics.” – Elliot Mayen, DHD Films Producer

The Game-Changing Elements

The most important elements pulled from the meeting are the deciding factors for your video’s success. The time of day is important in having proper lighting, or in capturing the peak hours of one’s business for maximum interaction. Props must be secured and in their proper place for smooth placement while the cameras are rolling. These details as well as organization of casting appearances, close ups and wide-angle shots are all specified in a logistics sheet. With fleeting dependability such as amount of sunlight and talent availability, having a logistics and timing sheet is crucial to a prolific production.

“Pre-production maximizes the use of time during production.”

-Elliot Mayen

The pre-production stage is an indispensable step that should be sought when deciding on professional video production services. It exemplifies our commitment to guaranteeing your vision is evident from conceptualization to final edit.

To begin your video project with a team that will cover all the bases in producing a superior visual masterpiece, connect with us now.

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