It’s a perfect match—the video that compliments your company’s marketing goals and accelerates audience engagement world-wide. However, finding your brand’s video soulmate can be a challenge when you become aware of the various video styles available, as well as the purpose for each.

Learning the five leading video styles will aid in clarifying their unique characteristics and assist you in determining which of these styles is perfect for your brand.

Identity: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Your brand’s identity video is the foundation of your company’s announcement to the world. Your grand first impression. More than any text from a press release can express, visuals, namely videos, are said to ‘speak’ 1.8 million words per minute. Your brand identity video should exemplify the values your company stands for and offers, as well as reveal the identifying tone, colors and logo that sets you apart.

We captured the gist of who our client Stanley Korshak’s is by canvassing their residence as well as include testimonials that spoke of their culture and audience impact.

Explainer/Tutorials: Show and Tell

Explainer and tutorial videos give a walk-through of your services and a better understanding of their solution power for specific client issues. Your narrative here will be clear and concise, with the brunt of the video’s usefulness invested in the illustrative and seamless flow of the content.

4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video on a product than read about it, and one eye-catching way to provide product info is through a motion graphics video. The unforgettable combination of animation and audio are witnessed in our client, Texas Agriculture’s informative, yet entertaining, motion graphic video.

Highlights/Sizzle Reel: Give Me Your Best Shot (shots in this case)

After a lively day, a highlights reel can help streamline the happenings of the event without leaving out the purpose. The best shots are kept and put in sequential order, leading to the climax of the event. Our client, rewardStyles 2017 Conference highlights put you into the action without all the extra fluff, getting straight to the excitement of rewardStyle celebrating its partners and their success.

Recruiting/Training: Lead by Example

What better example to give than providing a video of what you are demanding from your team? These types of videos speak for themselves and with 96% of businesses contributing video as the best and fastest way to train their employees, it is a very wise investment to make when seeking to attract and retain team members.

360° Experiential: Interaction Overload

While only a novice to the B2B video platform, 360° has already made its mark as a dependable avenue when real-time conversions are sought. The excitement of being immersed in the experience presented automatically garners attention from even the shortest attention spans. 360° gains 41% more views, shares and subscriptions than a traditional video. Even more comforting is that with professional video production companies, such as DHD, becoming experts in this field, leaping into the interactive world is now fathomable.

The Rustic Dallas’ 360° experience is a relative example of how the medium can be adapted for any brands’ needs.

Our team is excited to guide your brand to digital domination with the perfect video style for your current marketing needs. Let’s get started by connecting today!

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