If you’re on social media, chances are that this video has appeared on your feed:

Filmmakers are constantly pushing the envelope with the latest technology. At the center of experimentation is drone technology. Drone footage just hit a new level of cinematography with shots similar to the one above. By taking a single location and transforming it to be almost interactive in nature, you are creating a unique experience for your audience that is almost impossible to replicate with a crane shot.

Jay Christensen, a filmmaker located in Minneapolis, is the visionary behind these viral drone shots. Christensen has also created an intriguing single drone shot for a local movie theater:

These videos have gained the attention of multiple Hollywood directors and several rounds of media coverage. While you would usually find similar camera movements in a high-budget film, Christensen is using these techniques to bring attention to venues like bowling alleys, movie theaters, and other local businesses.

Christensen shares the wonders of this filming methods on Instagram so be sure to give them a follow! https://www.instagram.com/jaybyrdfilms/