As our internship draws to a close, here are some departing thoughts from us, DHD’s summer interns. We’ve learned a lot and grown as well and will always remain a part of the DHD family.


“Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do.”

Bruce Lee 

This quote by Bruce Lee pretty much sums up my journey as an intern at DHD Films, adopting the attitude of being “ALL IN”, a wonderful saying that my leader bid me adieu with about giving and spreading love. This chapter of my professional life was filled with growth, learning, inspiration, and teamwork. This internship gave me the confidence to own a challenge and lead it until the best triumphs. They believed in me, but most importantly, they gave my career path a direction to follow.


No question is ever considered wrong or stupid. Questions are questions! It shows how curious and inquisitive your mind can really get. Keeping an open mind helps you pave your journey along the way. The one thing that I can take away from this internship is that you must speak your mind, regardless of the outcome, because you will be glad that you voiced your opinion and at least received constructive feedback. Speak up!


What a journey it’s been with DHD over the past couple of weeks. A tremendously hard-working and fun-loving group of fellow interns coupled with an amazing supervisor made this experience incredibly wholesome. To everyone reading this, have a positive mindset when embarking on a new journey. At the end of the day, it’s what you make out of your experiences that determine the kind of life you’ll live. Never lose sight of your major life goals but be flexible about the details and how you’ll get there. You are destined to do great things! 


A few months ago, if you told me I’d be leading projects and speaking up in front of other people, I wouldn’t have believed you. My comfort zone is something I rarely leave, especially not in front of people I’ve just met, but the atmosphere that DHD and my fellow interns created allowed me to do just that. All of a sudden, I was voicing my thoughts and volunteering to be the leader for different projects. I was blossoming, to say the least, and I am forever grateful to my DHD family. They gave me a safe space to learn, to grow and be my best self. 


When I applied to the DHD summer internship a couple of months ago, I did not know (at all) what to expect. I can still picture the first day I met the DHD team. The incredible talent of each person in the team and the “all-in” attitude was significantly unique and appraisable. This was not a traditional internship experience. Yes, there were some things you were expected to do, but the beauty of it relied on taking ownership and being encouraged to explore opportunities to continue to grow. From the mini-projects with my intern team to valuable lessons from a fantastic, experienced mentor, the DHD internship was indeed a rewarding experience. 

“Make everyday your masterpiece.”

John Wooden

Thank you, DHD!