Get the most from your YouTube Channel

With 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is far more than a video archive. Yet, it still requires continual effort to stand out in today’s crowded content market.  Optimize your YouTube presence by focusing on three key components.

Create a Stronger Connection from Viewer to Video

Use thumbnails to connect faces to content. A human face ties the viewer to the video, creating an emotional connection that influences click-through and video completion rates. Use bright colors, flashy text, bold lettering and overlays to attract attention and increase appeal.

Using a recognizable figure, such as Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, is an excellent way to entice viewers to your video.
Talk Wordy to Me

Unlike other social media platforms that have strict character limits, YouTube descriptions call for longer content. The platform provides 5,000 characters for each video description. This allows you to provide detail and include hashtags, buzzwords, and links to related videos. You can also add URLs to direct viewers back to your website and social channels.

The reason for longform descriptions is simple. Longer descriptions mean more searchable content for YouTube’s algorithm. This increases the likelihood of your video appearing as a top search result, which generates added exposure.

Titles that Catch but Don’t Release

YouTube titles have a 100-character limit – don’t be afraid to use them all. Successful titles include hashtags and puns and even pose questions the video will answer.

Tying your video’s title to events is another effective strategy. For example, Coachella, a popular California music festival, draws approximately 99,000 attendees per day. Traveler’s heading to Coachella can avoid city traffic by flying into Ontario International Airport (ONT) instead of LAX.

DHD Films produced a video for ONT that we posted to YouTube channel and renamed, “Coachella’s Top Airport: Cut Your Travel Time with ONT.” This title change enabled the video to appear in travel and Coachella search results, increasing exposure and traffic. If a title is relevant to the video’s content, you have the flexibility to be creative.

DHD Films’ ONT Video is shown with a rebranded thumbnail for Coachella.
Maximize YouTube Content

The crowded YouTube ecosystem can be difficult to maneuver. To create top-tier video content for your YouTube channel, contact DHD Films today.