The View from Behind the Wheel

CarOffer takes “behind the scenes” to the next level by allowing viewers and prospects alike to go “behind the wheel.” On Thursday, February 13th CarOffer hosted an exclusive client event at Dream Racing in Las Vegas, Nevada. This once in a lifetime event put attendees into the driver’s seat of the world’s fastest Ferraris.

Geared to kick off the #NADA2020 show, this event was an ingenious way to target car dealers that could benefit from CarOffer’s instant trading platform. Lap after lap, the event helped to drive brand loyalty further into the minds of attendees.

A fleet of Ferraris star in the event video for CarOffer, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ready, Set, Differentiate

The Dream Racing event clearly differentiates itself from other client engagement programming. How can a cocktail hour compete with the feeling of going “pedal to the metal” in a Ferrari?

The most important factor that differentiated this event, however, was timing. CarOffer understood the importance of capitalizing on the moment, in the moment. With the help of DHD Films, a video of the CarOffer Dream Racing event was filmed, edited, and delivered within 24 hours. The action took place on Thursday evening, and by Saturday afternoon the video was already turning heads on social media.

Creative Director at CarOffer, Erin Anderson, says of this experience, “it has been a pleasure working with DHD Films.” Further, “each project that we collaborate on is executed with precision and professionalism. We appreciate the creativity and experience they bring to our brand, and we look forward to working with them more throughout the year.”

Prolong Shelf-Life with Video

Reap the rewards of your event for weeks to come instead of a mere few hours. Use video to capture events, prolonging impressions and maximizing return on investment. Contact DHD Films to concept your high-flying event video today.