The Power of Personalization

If you’re concerned your message isn’t reaching your audience, personalize it.  

Tailoring content and experiences to individual members of your audience increases open and click-through rates, and multiplies ROI five to eight times. The question is not whether you can afford to personalize, it’s how can you afford not to?

Implementation Station

Targeting individual consumers with personalized content is a widely used strategy. Using artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can optimize landing pages based on a user’s browsing or buying history. Past behaviors also enable you to create highly targeted offers and promotions. Directing users toward certain content, promotions, or products based on their personal preferences increases the likelihood they’ll buy.

Get Organized

Implementing these strategies requires a dynamic Content Management System (CMS). The most highly recommended platforms are Squarespace and WordPress, or Adobe Sensei for organizations relying more heavily on AI. These systems do the heavy lifting by populating content, with video being one of the most popular forms of personalized content.

Let Video Do the Heavy Lifting

Although each user sees only the video tailored to him or her, the backend requires a pool of video that communicates the same core message in multiple ways. Using various scripting techniques, set designs, and calls to action, you can create a video library that resonates with your audience.

The first cut of the Loftwall ad is filmed upon a bright background and sports a statement as the call to action.

For example, DHD produced a series of video ads for Loftwall that appeal to the three main grievances affecting open workspaces; sound, space, and privacy. Each video has an A and a B version, with different calls to action. In this case, AI can be used to direct the right video to the appropriate audience, ensuring each user has a visual experience suited to his or her preferences.

The B version differentiates itself by using a call to action in the form of a question.

The path to personalization is no small feat. Establish quarterly reviews to evaluate progress, and schedule frequent assessments to help teams address bugs before they become larger problems. A capable CMS, coupled with an arsenal of carefully crafted video will set you up for success. DHD can help you personalize video content that captures attention.