Two Birds, One BTS

Video is an investment of time, capital, and creativity. At DHD, we’re always looking to make the most of these investments for our clients. Behind the scenes video (BTS) in an engaging strategy that maximizes a video’s impact. Capturing BTS humanizes the production process, endears viewers to the content, and creates additional marketing components to deploy. It is a winning equation for the client, agency, and production partner.

Financial Firm with a Human Touch

DHD Films and Planit Agency collaborated to capture and curate “Customer Stories” for an innovative financial services firm with 1,600 branch offices in 44 states. Adding BTS to this project granted an added sense of relatability. Seeing the “magic moments” that occurred on set, such as a young talent giggling before her scene and cameramen collaborating to optimize the lighting, allows viewers to experience a brand through the eyes of the people moving it forward.

Planit Agency and DHD Films worked together to produce video for a top financial firm, as is captured in this BTS video.

An Adventurous (Head)Spin

Taking a grittier approach to BTS video is Headspin, a company that provides portable lighting systems for a variety of activities. This brand tailors it’s product to outdoor enthusiasts so the resulting BTS video had to channel a sense of adventure. This challenging shoot, filmed entirely outdoors, includes both daytime and nighttime shots. Highlighting the ways in which the crew overcame these challenges is what made for such a spirited BTS film – one that captures the essence of this daring brand.

The process of creating a brand video for Headspin is documented.

Sleek & Stylish

The Buick BTS video strikes a stylish note. This curated feel is ideal for corporate clients with strict brand guidelines to follow. The resulting BTS video captures not only the sleekness of the Buick brand, but also the scale of this stylized shoot.

DHD Films worked alongside Buick and Weber Shandwick to bring this video to life.

Honorable Mentions

Did you catch Porsche’s Superbowl commercial? The spot, titled The Heist,” is composed of beautiful visuals. The only thing more engaging than these visuals – seeing how they were captured.

The Dallas Mavericks “Sights and Sounds” series raises the bar for video content in the NBA. This collection of 4K video shows the team as they travel, practice, and prepare for the trials of an NBA season.

Get Ahead of Your BTS

Video production is an exciting process that remains opaque to many. This is why BTS video is a such a compelling add-on – it grants an intimate view of the production process that builds trust with your audience and maximizes your production budget. To add BTS onto your project contact DHD Films.