Holiday advertising is endearing to viewers.  With Christmas approaching, holiday imagery appears in nearly every ad. Here are four of our favorite digital ads.

Best Pop Culture Reference

Google’s 2018 holiday spot promotes the Google Assistant using the hit film “Home Alone.” The ad show Macaulay Culkin as “Kevin,” nearly 30 years later. Using Google Assistant’s voice activation feature, Culkin gives commands to household items to ward off crooks. Mirroring the plot of the 1990 movie, the ad appeals to the nostalgia of a tech-savvy generation, one of the key demographic targets for the product.

The 2018 Google holiday ad scored rave reviews and millions of impressions.
Best Tug on the Heartstrings

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) chose the sentimental route for their holiday advertising. In 2018, two animated teddy bears trace the journey from the plane, through customs, and down to baggage claim where they meet their family. This jaunt illustrates the ease of navigating LHR and throws commercialism to the wayside. The spot positions “Coming Home,” as the real gift of the holiday season.

London’s Heathrow Airport uses those warm and fuzzy holiday feelings to their advantage in this cuddly spot.
Best Use of Personalization

Spotify’s “Wrapped” Campaign summarizes each user’s annual use of the platform. The Spotify app shows statistics like total minutes spent streaming and most frequented artists listened to. Tailoring a unique report to every user reveals the value of Spotify, motivating users to continue streaming and paying for the service.

A graphic from the 2018 Spotify Wrapped Campaign. Reports are tailored to each individual user and their streaming habits.
Best All-Time

The M&M’s iconic holiday ad “They do exist,” has made airwaves for decades. It details the first meeting between Santa Clause and the Red and Yellow M&M. The spot humorously plays on the disbelief of each party, as each thought the other to be a myth.

Originally released in 1996, the commercial remains relevant more than two decades later. Even though a sequel was released in 2017, the original remains a fan-favorite.

All-Time fan favorite, “They Do Exist,” finally gets a sequel with this 2017 M&M’s commercial.

Cheers to the holiday ads that stole our hearts, and a moment of silence for those that fell short. To get started on your campaigns for upcoming 2020 holidays, contact DHD Films.