Expert Insights

A Studio in Your Living Room

By DHD Films / July 17, 2020

Not too long ago, the options for filming on-location were fairly limited and often intrusive. Locations had to accommodate a significant number of crew members […] Read More

Client Spotlight: Cherry’s Industrial Equipment

By DHD Films / July 15, 2020

The marketing industry is evolving at a fast pace. Innovations in marketing technology will play a key role in determining the winners and losers in […] Read More

Executing a Great Live Event

By DHD Films / July 15, 2020

To execute a successful live event, there are a couple of important factors that must be considered. Well, here are 8 factors to consider while […] Read More

Why invest in live-streaming?

By DHD Films / July 14, 2020

Live-streaming is evolving at a rapid pace. Why should your business invest in it? “Instead of freaking out about these constraints, embrace them. Let them […] Read More

Healthcare Heroes: All In to Make the Difference

By DHD Films / July 14, 2020

We are proud to announce that we have successfully concluded our Healthcare Heroes Campaign. Above all, the Healthcare Heroes Campaign was designed to express our […] Read More

Practicing Self-Care

By DHD Films / July 12, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3 of the intern blog series. This week, we’re focusing on self-care and how we practice it. We hope […] Read More

The DHD Mobile Production Studio

By DHD Films / July 9, 2020

If you’re wondering how to capture great visuals while not exposing yourself or anyone else to COVID-19, look nowhere else. You’re at the right place […] Read More

Our Process at DHD Films

By DHD Films / July 9, 2020

We believe that the foundation of every successful project is authenticity and personalization. Our core values are present in every step and we strive to […] Read More

Intern Perspectives: Freedom

By DHD Films / July 7, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 of the intern blog series. This week, we all took the time to reflect on freedom and define what […] Read More

Words from our Interns

By DHD Films / June 29, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to the start of weekly blog entries from us, the DHD Sales and Marketing Interns for Summer 2020. We hope you enjoy […] Read More

What’s On Our Screens

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

READ: Think Tik Tok is just another passing fad? Think again. Turns out that Tik Tok may be training the next generation of filmmakers – […] Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

Our editor, Peter Johnson, has been with DHD for nearly 3 years and we were thrilled when he announced that his fiancée had been accepted […] Read More