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How to Create a Results-Focused Company Culture

By DHD Films / January 2, 2019

Starting the Engine Towards Positive Change Company culture is an often-overlooked aspect of company success. We see dollar signs and bottom lines and tend to forego the rest. But the way your team interacts internally and externally (*clears throat* clients) determines how many dollar signs you see. How? Well, it […]

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Inner City Champions Making Their Mark on Hearts and ROI [Gif-o-graphic]

By DHD Films / November 1, 2018

Surprise! DHD Films was awarded for making the Top 20 in the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) Top 100 businesses (Whew! That’s a mouthful), this past October. Keep reading to find out exactly where we placed. How it all started The ICIC is a 25-year old nonprofit founded […]

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Support our Deployed Troops Overseas

By DHD Films / August 9, 2018

Freedom Day is an annual day of service hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas. Held on September 11th, this poignant day honors the civilian and first responder lives lost in the tragic 9/11 attacks. Placing a special emphasis on bringing the DFW metroplex together to honor and serve our veterans, […]

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Booming City Scores Sizzling Impressions

By DHD Films / July 27, 2018

To complement the new, state of the art Convention Center, the Irving Convention and Visitor’s Bureau needed video that would match this architectural feat in both creativity and grandeur. With DHD Films as a strategic partner the need for sizzle reels was realized. These reels would showcase all the facets […]

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Rack Up New Views by Taking Past Videos Off The Shelf

By DHD Films / July 27, 2018

Reshare Content Strategically Many videos are produced with a specific purpose or event in mind. Once that window of time expires many quality videos are relinquished to the back burner of a company’s communications cycle. By keeping an eagle eye on applicable holidays and events happening around the world and […]

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Finding Viewers’ Sweet Spot Using ‘Sadvertisement & the Other Emotions

By DHD Films / July 13, 2018

Sadvertising. Don’t pull out your Merriam Webster; it hasn’t been added to the dictionary—yet. I had seen the term thrown around the video marketing world but I had never done my due diligence of investigation; I was under the impression that big contracts and lopsided percentages made up the ideal […]

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Join Us For a Holiday Cook-Out

By DHD Films / June 27, 2018

Fourth of July is right around the corner! Join us on July 3rd to celebrate with our annual DHD Films cook-out. Food, drinks and great company await you at our studio in the Design District. We would love to see you there! Please RSVP to 4:00 PM DHD Films […]

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Dog Talk? No, Video Brochure!

By DHD Films / June 22, 2018

It’s easy enough to make a simple straight forward explainer video – some key lighting on your speaker, some B-roll footage, and all the standard bells and whistles that help sell your product. Great. But what if that’s just not enough? In today’s media-centric world infused with followers, tweets, internet […]

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One Reason Your Video is Giving Viewers the Blues and How To Fix It

By DHD Films / June 17, 2018

Everyone can be a self-proclaimed “Preditor” (producer/shooter/ editor), with easy access to software and tutorials to piece together your own video content, whether that’s on your phone, your iPad, online, iMovie, or even on Instagram. While making videos is easier and more accessible, it’s more than just a splice and […]

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Awards Season Success to Start the Summer

By DHD Films / June 14, 2018

The Video Awards Season has ended and DHD Films has some exciting news to share. We took home some major hardware in 2018! Read more about our achievements while sampling some of the award-winning work below. The Telly Awards Full to the brim with fierce competition every year, The Telly […]

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