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Our Process at DHD Films

By DHD Films / July 9, 2020

We believe that the foundation of every successful project is authenticity and personalization. Our core values are present in every step and we strive to give you the best end-result possible. Read on for a more in depth view of how our storytelling production process goes.  Pre-Production Firstly, every project […] Read More

Intern Perspectives: Freedom

By DHD Films / July 7, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 of the intern blog series. This week, we all took the time to reflect on freedom and define what freedom means to us. I think you’ll all enjoy our individual perspectives on freedom.   Saniya reflects on how freedom has changed meaning this past year […] Read More

Words from our Interns

By DHD Films / June 29, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to the start of weekly blog entries from us, the DHD Sales and Marketing Interns for Summer 2020. We hope you enjoy reading about us and the exciting topics we will be writing on. We hope to offer you a unique perspective and insight into our journey […] Read More

What’s On Our Screens

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

READ: Think Tik Tok is just another passing fad? Think again. Turns out that Tik Tok may be training the next generation of filmmakers – and getting them exposure they need like never before. WATCH: As more concerts and performances turn into virtual events, venues are finding creative ways to […] Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

Our editor, Peter Johnson, has been with DHD for nearly 3 years and we were thrilled when he announced that his fiancée had been accepted in to her top choice residency program. However, her nearly 6 year long journey would need to continue at a residency program in Kentucky, nearly […] Read More

Stream Like the Pros

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

Your organization has a need for continued engagement. Maybe you need to share new and emerging products and services. Or maybe you just need to build trust through open communication with your stakeholders. Virtual Events ensure you have the opportunity to engage (at times in small groups), are scaleable, flexible, […] Read More

It’s All in the Eyes

By DHD Films / June 25, 2020

When it comes to filming interviews, there are two main approaches to take. You can have the interview subject look off-camera to someone asking the questions, or you can have the interview subject look directly into the camera, as if they are speaking directly to the audience. While the answer […] Read More

Taking the Show on the Virtual Road

By DHD Films / May 28, 2020

Picture this: You have a massive annual event that draws members of your team from across the country and it’s the highlight of your event planning agenda. Everything from the venue to the catering to the travel is planned months in advance and everything is set to go when the […] Read More

An Award-Winning Collaboration

By DHD Films / May 27, 2020

Every triumph has a backstory. Our award-winning collaboration with Belo + Company for the Dallas Police Department’s recruitment video series is no exception. Belo + Company has had a partnership with the Dallas Police Department for several years, creating social media content and lead ads. “When the opportunity to help DPD […] Read More

What’s On Our Screens

By DHD Films / May 27, 2020

READ: Just about everyone is getting comfortable with video conferencing – even network television. Read about how CBS’s “All Rise” pulled off a virtual episode. WATCH: Even the NFL draft couldn’t escape the #NewNormal. Take a peek behind the scenes to see how NFL Media coordinated 600+ live feeds to bring […] Read More

Client Spotlight: Bodhala

By DHD Films / April 27, 2020

Bodhala is injecting a new perspective into the legal marketplace by enabling sophisticated financial data analysis and management through cutting-edge technology. Having just received a $10M growth investment from Edison Partners, their AI-driven platform is set to make a big splash in the legal industry. We sat down with Kyle […] Read More

Inspiring Generosity

By DHD Films / April 27, 2020

When DHD Films launched the Healthcare Heroes campaign last month in support of the brave members of the medical community, we never imagined the outpouring of support the campaign would receive. From partner organizations to past and present clients, the outreach and messages of hope and inspiration were too many […] Read More