DHD Films has had an incredible 2017 so far and our clients can say the same. We are invested in more than just high-quality videos when it comes to our clients. To witness firsthand what they create, control and inspire is one of the most fulfilling parts of this job, and it is a pleasure to watch them succeed in their business endeavors. Here are some of our client’s impressive recent accomplishments, just to name a few.


This state of the art work out technology is celebrating its launch to the public. Pioneered by Gorgi Nikkaran, Gravocore was masterminded during his battle with a hip injury. The product allows for an extensive, full-body workout with minimal impact on the body’s joints. Low- impact workouts not only benefit those rehabilitating from injuries but they help prevent future injuries for the healthy user. Consisting of a double pulley system, rope, and harness the system allows for a head to toe workout despite weighing less than seven pounds. The product is available for purchase on Amazon, with additional information accessible on Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.


Cognizant, the world leader in professional services, rang the NASDAQ Stock Market closing bell on September 20th. The ceremonial ring was celebrating the launch of Cognizant’s new Accelerator initiative which helps businesses adapt competitively in the digital era. The actual ringing of the bell was carried out by President Sean Middleton and Chief Financial Officer Karen McLoughlin.

Additionally, a Cognizant video promoting their Launch Pad program was played on the video wall in Times Square. The video, created by DHD Films, is part of the internal innovator program. With foot traffic in Times Square reaching over 330,000 people daily, we can only imagine how many people caught a glimpse of our spot about this impressive company. You can watch it for yourself here.

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