With the state of social media in the current day there is no shortage of content. The line between engaging and alienating the audience is a thin one. By following these guidelines regarding each individual platform you can imprint your company’s social footprint in the sand rather than watching it wash away.


The age old “two posts a day” rule may work for larger followings on Facebook, but the data differs for smaller audiences. “Small,” in this case is defined as under 10,000 followers. A Hubspot study reveals that for these smaller audiences, the two posts per day rule actually results in a 60% decrease in clicks per post.

The recommended number of postings is a drastic drop, suggesting only one to five posts per month. Not only does this record more clicks per post, but it proves to be the fastest way to get more traffic directly to your website.


Twitter proves to be a whole different beast with many top accounts posting over 100 times a day. The small character count and large quantity of competition in this social media platform means that each tweet has a shorter shelf life; resulting in the need to keep churning out content. A quicksprout study places the optimum amount at 15 tweets per day. As your Twitter following grows, however, it is best to dial this back and aim for one to five daily tweets. This results in higher engagement and help reaching the ultimate goal: more clicks directly to your website.


Information taken from major brands shows an average of 1.5 posts per day. Hovering between one and two posts ensures that your brand is not dominating the feeds of its followers. Considering the casual nature of this platform, posts should be kept more relaxed. To accomplish this casual vibe posts incorporating humor or company culture should be highlighted.


On this professional platform, the most successful company pages are wary of overloading followers. The optimal frequency is two posts per day. In addition, there is an added emphasis put on resharing content from external pages. This not only keeps the audience engaged, but it diversifies the subject matter on the company page. Ultimately, resharing helps appeal to a broader audience and increase engagement.


Here at DHD Films, we aim to be responsive and engaging in our social media strategy. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, a company is only as reputable as its audience perceives it to be. Adding video to your content stream can engage viewers without overloading them. See what we can offer you here.

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