The marketing industry is evolving at a fast pace. Innovations in marketing technology will play a key role in determining the winners and losers in business. In such a climate, nothing drives home your message like an attention-grabbing marketing strategy. One option to consider to grab potential buyers’ attention is our DHD Video Brochures.

What Is a Video Brochure? 

A video brochure is an LCD screen fixed into a custom made brochure or box. DHD’s booklet style cover opens as a brochure and displays your video content. This unique marketing tool makes an instant impression on potential clients. Especially suited for the growing virtual environment, video brochures bring together the physical and virtual world into one product.

A Game Changer For Cherry’s

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment provides industrial warehouse solutions with decades of experience. Cherry’s knew that they needed something new and unique to stand out from their competitors. The company decided purchased a small batch of Video Brochures to test the theory that they could win over new clients if they could just grab their attention long enough to convey their message. With a deployment of just 25 video brochures, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment managed to secure 10 new orders for their business!

Beyond Expectations

Although Cherry’s CEO, John Costello, had his business in mind when he decided to use Video Brochures, there was an unforeseen benefit he found in the technology. John’s father resides at an assisted living community. When COVID-19 struck, John’s father was one of the many people who had to maintain strict physical contact to ensure his own health and safety. Knowing that the content in DHD’s Video Brochures can be modified, John began loading Video Brochures with videos of his family and sending them to his father so his family could stay in touch. Now, John’s father can keep up with his family while staying safe.

At DHD, we care about our client’s success in business, but we also care about their personal success. John’s amazing story of both business and personal benefits from our Video Brochures resonated with our whole team, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support Cherry’s Industrial Equipment as they adapt their marketing efforts to the new normal. Think you might have a use case similar to Cherry’s? Contact us to find out more about how you can use Video Brochures to reach your clients and more.