To execute a successful live event, there are a couple of important factors that must be considered. Well, here are 8 factors to consider while you stream a video!

Streaming Quality and Playback

To stream a high-quality video, it requires a high internet bandwidth from the audience to watch it on their devices. With adaptive bitrate streaming, you can eliminate the risks by adjusting the streaming quality based on the internet connection speed.
For users at larger organizations, an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) helps with redistributing bandwidth from a single internal network to local, internal network data centers. In turn, this boosts the viewing experience for the employees and personal networks. 

Privacy Control

Security is an integral aspect to keep your company’s content secure only within your organization. Turnkey security solutions like single sign-on (SSO) offer great security while making it easily accessible to employees.
Furthermore, domain and embed restrictions, private link sharing, and/or password-protected videos are other options to keep your company’s content accessible to only the employees. 

Audience Engagement

When building or running an organization, every employee’s goal is to actively engage with their audience base. Find a platform(s) that allows you to engage in various ways, such as polls, live Q&A, chat features, and/or encouraging users to comment/like. This helps facilitate engaging conversations between the host and audience, hence making it more personable and enjoyable. 


Everyone should enjoy your content, whether it be watching the video, listening, or reading. A streaming platform that supports live and on-demand closed captions and screen readers give the audience the confidence that everything is available for them, without them having to search and dig for things.

Content Management

Video-on-demand (VOD) is important to make sure that the audience can watch the video even if they missed the live event. Automatic archiving the live video demolishes the hassle of downloading the live stream. The company should have ample storage space so that there is an option to add more videos. 


Creating a special and unified look of the video with brand colors, custom thumbnails, and white labeling helps in enhancing the viewing experience. Customizing the streaming platform keeps your audience engaged. 


Video Analytics is a good algorithm to measure the effectiveness of your video especially when you publish your video across different social media platforms. A company could uplift its content strategy and video success by monitoring who’s joining the video, where they are joining from, and which devices are used to join the live streaming. Google Analytics is a good tool to monitor how the video performs over time, but it is essential to know what is happening while you’re live streaming.


It is fundamental to have options to distribute videos around the web, social media platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook makes the distribution more organized and eases up the logistical of video streaming and its distribution. These platforms give the distribution control to the company streaming the live video. They also give easy access to embed the video anywhere they want which opens up to more viewership.

With the power of these eight factors, it is highly possible to have an organized and successful live video streaming event.

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