SXSW, Adobe Summit, Google I/O, and countless other large events are being cancelled or rescheduled. Organizations are sending employees home to work remotely, and some are even barring international travel. All of this to take precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus. What does this mean for your business?

Though in-person gatherings may be experiencing a brief hiatus, the need to communicate with your audience is ever-present. Whether it’s an internal all-hands, a large client meeting, or an industry conference, we have a host of solutions to help you stay top of mind with your customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Virtual Event

The next-best-thing to an in-person gathering is a virtual event. By live-streaming your content, you can capture your audience and maintain a high level of engagement as participants can experience the event as if they were all in the same space together. A bevy of participation enhancement tools, such as WooClap, exist to make real-time polling and other live group interactions possible over the web.

360º Live Stream

Want to take your virtual event to the next level? Increase the immersive nature of your digital gathering by deploying a 360º live stream. Using this technology, participants can exercise their ability to look around the meeting space and truly feel like they are part of the event. Being able to see guests asking questions or the reactions of peers throughout the room can make a big difference in keeping your audience engaged.

On-Demand Video

Of course, in lieu of replicating your meeting agenda live, you may opt to pre-record your content and allow participants to join asynchronously. Keynotes, lectures, and presentations of all sorts can be brought to a higher level of production value by taking advantage of the power of scripting and editing, allowing for you to do things with a video that you couldn’t quite do in person. Giving viewers the flexibility to watch the content on their own terms can also allow viewers who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend due to scheduling conflicts to get in on the action.

Video Brochure

Still looking to keep that tactile element in your digital messaging? Consider the powerful effect of distributing DHD Video Brochures to your guest list to allow them to not only view the content you’ve prepared for them, but to also hold in their hands a memento of your gathering. In lieu of the branded pen or water bottle that are a typical conference takeaway, they’ll have a custom-branded DHD Video Brochure with your content on it, guaranteeing a longer lasting impression as well an undeniable wow-factor.

As we all maneuver through this unprecedented situation, DHD Films is here to help you stay safe and secure by offering remote options that capture the magic of in-person gatherings. With 20 years of experience in both live events and video, we can help you strategize, plan, and execute your next big event into the cloud.