An effective brand anthem video communicates your brand identity free of sales messaging, explaining not what your organization does but why. While this sounds straightforward, anthem videos can quickly go awry. Here are three brands that got it right.

Sun Bum Surfs the Casual Wave

If your organization is casual, don’t dress it up with formal messaging. Sun Bum’s easy-going, beachy culture is reflected in the video’s honest approach to the company’s humble beginnings. Using honesty as a selling point appeals to the 80% of customers who cite “authenticity of content” as a key factor in their loyalty to specific brands.

Sun Bum perfectly captures the culture and name of their organization in this beachy brand anthem film.
Diversity Helps UPS Connect to Consumers

The UPS brand can seem impersonal. However, UPS took a different approach to connecting with users. By including actors of all ages, races, and national origins in its brand anthem film, UPS communicates its broad appeal. The video is series of vignettes filmed in a variety of locations with narration altering between a male and female voice.

The UPS brand anthem film takes viewers on a journey across countries, cultures, and communities.
Honorable Mention: Baker Hughes Anthem Film
Baker Hughes brings a brilliantly crafted anthem film to the table, securing an honorable mention amongst the dense competition.
Press Play on Your Anthem

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