A few key trends from 2019 have made the jump into 2020. Maintaining and optimizing these trends is both a challenge and an opportunity to take on as you head into the New Year.

Say What?

Voice searches will see continued growth in 2020, accounting for an estimated 50% of all searches. Optimize your webpage for these verbal queries by using simple language, free of jargon. Additionally, recognize trends within voice search behaviors. The most popular trend being the “businesses near me,” search feature. To ensure that your brand appears to local consumers update your Google My Business listing. This platform will literally “put you on the map,” i.e., the Google Map.

Virtual Reality Cozies Up to Consumers

Each year Virtual Reality  is touted to be bigger than the last. 2020 will finally show VR the renewed attention that it deserves, thanks to PC gaming company, Valve. Releasing the first version of their wildly popular Half-Life game since 2007, Valve is set to make waves with Half-Life: Alyx. The game can only be played using VR gear.

A trailer for the much anticipated Half-Life: Alyx Video Game is displayed.

Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg is doing his part in aiding the VR movement. As a major backer of Dreamscape, Spielberg champions the company as it provides story-oriented VR experiences. With locations in Los Angeles and Dallas, and international expansion in the works, prepare for added emphasis on VR content throughout 2020.

A still from the Dreamscape VR experience “Alien Zoo” reveals a richly animated virtual world.

Honorable Mentions

Personalization is set to see continued success by establishing connection to consumers.

Brand Anthem Films will use video to explain “why” brands do what they do, as opposed to “how” they do it.

Maintain Trends to Sustain Growth

While none of these marketing trends are brand new, it’s important to note that best practices surrounding them are ever changing. A trend that maintains relevancy for a prolonged period of time will not retain the same procedures. For help optimizing your 2020 marketing and video needs, contact DHD Films.