The $50 Million Dollar Day

2019 was a record-breaking year for North Texas Giving Day (NTGD), with $50 million dollars raised. The fundraising endeavors to reach that number required a dynamic team effort and an emphasis on digital media. To achieve this the NTGD team deployed broad-spanning video efforts across a variety of channels.

Ads for 2019’s NTGD made waves via PSA videos, in both English and Spanish, and social media clips, for a reach that extended as far as the screens on the treadmills of local YMCAs. There was no way to miss this year’s NTGD as Giving Day’s official colors illuminated the Dallas Skyline.

The Dallas Skyline lit up the night sky in NTGD’s official colors, blue and green.

A Sponsorship Slam Dunk

This community-wide event, carried out by Communities Foundation of Texas, scored big with their choice of honorary chairs. Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki, and his wife Jessica, were the face of this charitable campaign. Videos of the couple adorn the social media feeds of both the NTGD accounts and Mr. Nowitzki’s personal feed, enabling the message of NTGD to reach a broader audience.

Dirk Nowitzki and wife Jessica are featured in a NTGD video as they champion the infamous day of giving.
Live Coverage

As the donations flooded in, Giving Day’s social feeds encouraged additional contributions through informal, topical videos and GIFS. The organization’s Twitter page boasted timely updates reminding people to donate throughout the day’s benchmarks, such as when leaving the office.

These live videos also marked big fundraising milestones. A gong rung when donations reached $46 million. A conference room of employees broke into applause when donations surpassed 2018’s record of $48 million. Glimpses into these behind the scenes moments elicited further donations.

Recap to Capitalize on Post-Event Engagement

Two DHD-produced spots comprised North Texas Giving Day’s post-event game plan. A recap video, delivered in a social and a longform cut, documented the success of the day and helped drive post-event engagement.

Recap videos are an excellent way to drive home the key points of an event. Our NTGD highlights reveal that nearly 3,000 nonprofits were supported by over 100,000 donors across 20 counties.

North Texas Giving Day was expertly summed up in this DHD-Produced video, outlining the day’s highlights.
Until Next Year

DHD Films is proud to partner with North Texas Giving Day. Aligning with DHD’s core value of being “socially and ethically responsible,” this giving event perpetuates the type of outreach DHD so vehemently believes in. DHD has a vested interest in the earned outcomes of our clients, so aiding a valued philanthropic organization in achieving a new record is a professional dream realized.