Deepening our relationship with, DHD Films was contracted for a second year in a row to capture the All-Hands Meeting. Although the event was streamed worldwide, the epicenter was held at Tinder’s Headquarters on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

This annual meeting serves as a melting-pot for all of the dating apps (i.e. Tinder, OK Cupid, Black People Meet, etc.).

This event was streamed in 360° to five continents spanning across nine time zones, thus proving to the non-believers that dating apps are both global and here to stay.

After a last-minute canceled fight, DHD Films’ two-man team, Hussain and Ayaz, sprung into action in order to arrive at LAX with plenty of time to spare. From start to finish the set up took eight hours. The unique set up of the meeting space made the placement of the 360° camera trickier than usual. Two large meeting rooms were separated by a broad staircase which all had to be outfitted with the right sound and display systems.

The biggest challenge of the shoot, however, was the “headquarters” from which our team as well as a local freelancer were tasked with monitoring the feed. These three were packed in a small borough underneath a staircase for the duration of the meeting. Used to the spacious “everything’s bigger in Texas,” state of mind, these tight quarters brought our team even closer together, literally and figuratively.

All in all the meeting went down without a hitch, and even though our team only spent about 30 hours in LA, they made every last one count. One of the most interesting takeaways was the unique offerings at the Tinder Headquarters. At this office breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for all employees. The kitchen was stocked with any snack you could imagine: chips, fruit, candy and power bars galore. An espresso machine and any kind of energy drink or soda was always within reach. even supplies a medicine cabinet for employees to quell any basic colds or aches.

Despite the time frame, technical challenges and close quarters that DHD Films faced throughout this shoot, the final product evidenced our mastery of creating top of the line videos. For more information on meeting your video match, contact us here.

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