Like a modeling application without a portfolio, your brand’s credibility isn’t built off your word alone. The power of video has been tested and proven tremendously. With 51.9% of marketers naming video as the top content for increased conversions, there’s no question it should be in your Q4 strategy plans.

Additionally, this time of year has a growing attraction for giving, and with social responsibility being a top influence in client purchases, having a professional video to coincide with your values is essential.

“Clients want to work with companies that have similar values [and] purpose. Giving back to the community improves collaboration, jumpstarts the local economy, and keeps up company morale.”

Aria Cochran, DHD Representative

To be a socially responsible contributor one must understand the authority they possess. This is not to be confused with giving your opinion on a politically controversial topic. This is about meaningful service to your community. When clients or prospects continuously witness the humane side of your brand, they get a deeper sense of your purpose beyond the bottom line.

In a market flooded with distrusted brands, having a video that exemplifies your brand’s social and ethical conscience in a positive light is essential.

Watch how a barrage of nonprofits and sponsors radiated an aura of compassion during North Texas Giving Day.

DHD’s own giving in the community has been visually documented and keeping this tradition

motivates continuity.

Incited by Business Development leader, Aria Cochran, DHD has been a champion in this arena, providing our efforts to Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day, Entrepreneurs of North Texas’ Freedom Day and North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) amongst others. Aria affirms the program “actually increased the amount of engagement within the community, not only by our team, but from our clients as well”.

Our Freedom Day 2017 video demonstrates the combined effort of the community and our team members to overshadow the negative memories of 9/11.

Of course, even with all the newest smartphone technology available, the quality a professional video production will offer is incomparable. Additionally, there are important elements our experienced crew will detail that an amateur is bound to overlook, including:

  • Interactions between those in need and volunteers.
  • Relative sound bites demonstrating volunteers’ passion
  • Exclusive numbers from past and present campaigns displaying the goals reached or people impacted.

Speaking of goals, our clients and team members enjoyed the fast-paced excitement of a food drive at NTFB this past summer—and met a new record!

You can’t create an environment of ethical sensibility through hearsay. If you’re ready to escape the image of a monetary-hungry brand and reap real profits, both economically and morally, contact us today.

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