Finding the perfect video length to get your message across and keep the viewer’s attention can be a challenge.

This provokes a debate: Does the perfect video length attracting maximum awareness and engagement exist? While there is no universal perfect length, there is an ideal length to consider based on your audience’s current needs and your company’s’ goals.

Here are three tips to consider when seeking the ideal length for optimal engagement.Lock Eyes

The human eye is naturally drawn to ‘catchy’. The same applies to prospects in the awareness stage. It’s the flirtatious phase of marketing where you must hook the viewer within the 8-second attention window, making sure to educate, inspire and persuade. It’s best to put forth your most engaging content, like motion graphics and highlight reels, keeping it between 30-60 seconds.

According to lead marketing informer,, “if you have not fully engaged your audience after the first 30 seconds, you’ve likely lost 33% of viewers.” Use shorter videos, like our Irving Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (ICVB) video below, where they showcase their brand’s authority in the economy, and give just enough information for their prospective client to grasp their value.

You also have the option of cutting videos into bite-sized marketing appetizers for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where the decreased attention span reigns. In this instance, the highlights of the video would remain and be featured in a 15 – 30 second clip. ICVB employed this method by using this 30-second edit of their full-length video. It identifies their brand and highlights the most enticing footage to ensure audience engagement in a short range of time.

Using Your Best Pickup Line

Once you have your prospect’s attention, you must elaborate on the benefits you presented, and show how your service or product is the best solution. At this point, there is a willingness to commit more time learning, thus 1 to 2 minute video lengths fit nicely here. Sales Guru, Andrew Raso, with inbound marketing expert Hubspot, points to this period of the sales funnel as the stage to “show why your solutions in particular are the best fit.” Display your expertise with demonstration and explainer videos. Our client, Big Tex, exemplified their technical knowledge and zeal for their clients’ passions in this video featuring Jordan Shipley demonstrating the benefits of his trailer.

The Final Serenade

As excitement builds for gaining a potential client, you cannot lose focus on keeping their attention and establishing trust. You are likely not the only industry leader they have considered, and you must now set yourself apart on a deeper level. This demands storytelling and emotionally driven content that allows for lengthier videos; about 2 to 5 minutes. Ever wondered why movies hold our attention and develop a special part of our memory? It’s the power of story. Telling your brand’s story leaves an impression that will either sway the audience or deter them. Ensuring you put thought into the pre-production process will yield promising results.

Watch how our client, Furniture Marketing Group, presents their commitment to not only rendering quality service, but how their family history fuels their success and connection with clients.

This guide will help gauge your decisions on length, but should not be the final deterrent on whether to go longer or shorter. The most important concept to remember when deciding video length, is to tailor your content, messaging and length to the specific needs and concerns of your target audience. When you keep the customers in mind, you’ll never go wrong.

Of course, the quality of your video production has a huge impact on performance and influence. To ensure your next project excels, contact us today.

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