Exotic Video Styles that Drive Results

Over the past few decades video has ascended the pecking order of communication mediums, securing its role as apex predator of the marketing jungle. Yet, on this rise to the top, the path is noticeably crowded, having grown flush with a plethora of video content creators. The challenge has shifted, as simply producing video is no longer enough to secure top-of-mind awareness amongst consumers. Now, the challenge is to create video collateral compelling enough to stand out amongst the ecosystem of competing content. 2019 calls for video that “roars,” so why would you settle just a “meow”?

POV Video
Motion Graphics
Platform-Specific Content
Time Lapse Video
Live Streams

Show & Tell With POV Video

What better way to demonstrate a video’s message than by implanting each viewer within it? Utilizing the Point of View (POV) style allows viewers to embark on a truly experiential journey. We put this technique to work with our client Smart City Apartment Locating (SCL) in their recent 30 second Hulu ad. To properly paint the picture of what life has in store whilst living in an SCL- secured apartment, the piece takes each viewer through a day in (what could be) their life. One of the most immersive video methods, this style enables viewers to wake up in an SCL apartment, go for a workout at the community gym, host friends for happy hour and envision what life would be like after using this heralded service. No need to schedule a tour, take the video below for a spin and get a feel for the apartments!

Smart City Locating’s Hulu Ad was released to the five major regions of Texas, commanding excellent results.
Set Your Message Into Motion

Messaging that relies heavily on facts, figures and statistics can overwhelm an audience. To simplify the message and prevent what feels like a barrage of information, motion graphics continually prove to be the best option. Take our Communicator-Award winning work with Ontario International Airport (ONT) as an example. This piece, called “Fast Facts,” breaks down the key figures of the airport into smaller, more digestible pieces of information. Aided by cohesive graphics, the viewer is able to see and hear what the narrator is referring to, which prevents confusion. As facts and figure are enumerated, the motion graphics serve as a sort of visual tour guide, accompanying the viewer through the video hand in hand.

ONT’s Communicator Award-Winning Fast Facts video conveys lengthy information using bite-size segments.
Get Specific

Creating content with specific platforms in mind is less of a trend and more of a best practice in today’s market. As channels fill to the brim with audio visual content, standing out amongst the rest is no longer luck of the draw, but rather, a conscious, pre-planned effort. Choosing a platform ahead of time informs the concepting, scripting, and editing of the video in order to deliver a polished piece that hits the bullseye every time. Loftwall, a collaborative workspace product manufacturer, knew from the start that Instagram was their desired channel for advertising their wares. With this in mind, DHD was able to concept an idea that matched the intricacies of this social platform. All content was pushed out in 1:1 format, with bright backgrounds, overlaid text and A/B Testing. Leveraging Instagram best practices, these optimizations allowed for the ultimate success of the ad, which accumulated a remarkable 148,262 unique impressions.

Vibrant color and overlaid text ad to the fun, fresh vibe in one of Loftwall’s Instagram Ads.
Let’s do the TimeWarp Time Lapse Again

Large-scale projects can be tricky to capture within the confines of your desired time length. To scale down the time it takes to show a project’s progress, time-lapse is an incredible tool and is an important addition to every video marketing toolbox. Our client Fricks used the technique to display their prowess in installing commercial-grade flooring while making the process a breeze to watch. Other attention-grabbing time lapse deployments include long-term construction projects, or event set-ups and tear downs. Time-lapse may only comprise a few seconds of your video, but it helps viewers to understand the scale of a vast project. By providing context condensed into just a few seconds, time-lapse adds significant value without bogging down your video.

Time lapse, featured predominantly throughout the project, condenses this industrial flooring project to fit the final video.
Give the Gift of Gifs

No longer are GIFs confined to Tumblr. It’s time to drop the notion that these moving images are reserved for quoting reality television shows (although those are great too). GIFs can be utilized by B2B and B2C companies as a creative way to share content that commands attention. Deploy GIFs on social media, in newsletters or even throughout your website. These bite-size video loops can convey anything from humor to grandeur, and they automatically play on a page removing the need to press play. But don’t let their brevity fool you – a well-made GIF can be an engaging and exciting addition to your messaging. Just check out the bright and colorful GIF we recently deployed in support of our DHDGiga Beta Test campaign:

DHDGiga’s beta test gif was used in newsletters and deployed on social media to attract participants

Don’t be Afraid to Live Stream

Events, Flagship Meetings, Annual Gatherings, etc. are all event undertakings that require significant planning and countless man-hours. Get the most bang for your event buck by spreading the occasion to viewers far and wide. Live streaming enables those who cannot attend to still be a part of the event and can even be opened up to your brand’s social followers and clients. This style of video allows the viewer to partake in the action, preventing them from feeling sidelined.

Start Your Video Marketing Safari

The only thing harder than getting to the top is staying at the top. Keep your brand’s marketing on the top tier by implementing these creative, attention-grabbing styles into future video. With Q3 right around the corner, attack the second half of 2019 with a ferocious attitude and a video strategy to match!