No two universities are alike – so why should their videos be? Whether fundraising, celebrating, or recruiting, higher-education video strategies come in a multitude of forms. Their value, however, is uniformly undeniable.

Centennial Celebration

To celebrate their centennial year in 2019, Babson College worked with DHD Films to concept the #DearBabson campaign. The three resulting videos highlight students, faculty, and alumni as they detail Babson’s crucial role in shaping them as people and as professionals. Hearing these compelling first-hand accounts from Babson’s nearest and dearest educates the viewer on Babson’s profound influence as the school wraps up their first century. The video also served as a phenomenal fundraising piece, helping solicit a $50 million dollar donation from one donor alone, Atlanta Hawks owner Arthur Blank.

The first of the three #DearBabson videos focuses on Babson students as they describe the college’s impact on their lives.

“DHD Films is able to deliver excellence across all fronts, starting with a strong creative concept, high quality video production, and excellent client service throughout.” – Lacy Garcia, Managing Director

Power to the Fundraiser

The #PowerAustinCollege Campaign aims to raise $125 million for the Sherman, Texas – based school. Using visuals of the passionate student body and sprawling campus, this video positions the university as a pillar in the community. This is reinforced via interviews with engaged students and faculty. The Power Austin College video acts as the keystone of this fundraising campaign, pushing viewers to donate. As of January 2020, $100 million-dollars have been raised.

“DHD Films provides amazing creativity, innovation and professionalism to every project for Austin College. Their partnership exceeds all expectations!” – Lynn Womble Ph.D., Director of Public Affairs

The Power Austin College video was heavily leveraged in order to drive $100 million of donations.

UT Tyler Flips the Script

UT Tyler opts for the path less traveled with their #EastTexasProud campaign. These broadcast TV spots highlight all that East Texas has to offer: superior healthcare, world class education, and a burgeoning business community. UT Tyler shares the spotlight with their community to illustrate the appeal of East Texas as a whole, rather than the university alone.

To supplement the campaign’s reach, UT Tyler leveraged a video brochure campaign. These pieces of physical collateral deliver digital messages to each recipient. Viewers reap extra value from this tangible brochure as it provides a top of mind awareness unmatched by other marketing mediums.

This UT Tyler spot positions East Texas as an incubator for the growth of business.

The Bar Has Been Set

Universities across the nation are upping their game. Don’t get left behind. Contact DHD Films today to set your results-focused project into motion.