Persuasive Writing in All Forms of Communication

As the previous op-ed editor at the New York Times, Trish Hall knows you have an opinion. In fact, she’s probably read one identical to it. Her years of editorial experience offer insight into what it takes to sway an audience.

As Hall’s editorial career drew to a close, she found her experience was best translated into persuasive writing, prompting her to write a book titled “Writing to Persuade: How to Bring People Over to Your Side.”

Hall stressed the importance of persuasive writing at the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Breakfast event on October 2, where she was asked about her life, career, and advice on incorporating persuasive writing methods into everyday correspondence.

The key takeaway from Hall’s interview and her book: persuasive writing does not only apply to longform pieces. Her style can be summed up by way of her own op-ed for the NY Times, “How to get every email returned.” Here she cites truth, simplicity, and being concise as critical to soliciting a response in everyday written interactions.

Opinion: to Shift or Not to Shift?

Hall says the preoccupation with trying to change the opinion of your readers is a common faux paus. Instead, to be a good writer, you must keep your own mind open to having your opinion changed. In her book, Hall cautions hot tempered writers that “think they can get their way by arguing and overwhelming their audience,” that it’s really the reverse. “You don’t want to go head on.”

Read to Write

There is a common theme among all great writers – they are also voracious readers. A healthy appetite for reading adds creativity and inspiration into your own copy, adding both dimension and depth. Hall detailed the literary diet by which she abides earlier this year in a piece with the Los Angeles Times.

Cement Your Expertise

Who do you think you are? Let your readers know. Even a seasoned veteran like Trish Hall explains why she is qualified to write on a topic. Regardless of your position, whether entry level or C-Suite, reinforce the experience that makes you a subject matter expert.

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