The Coronavirus outbreak is a serious health and safety issue. For years, DHD Films has taken pride in going above and beyond when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our crews and clients. The current situation poses new challenges, but we’re continuing to do business in the most responsible way possible.

Protective Gear

All DHD Films production crew and support personnel are provided with face masks and gloves to protect both themselves and those around them. Protective gear is also made available for all clients and talent participating in a live production environment. These precautions apply whether the production is taking place on our sound stage or on-location.

Group Dynamics

All productions vary in their specific needs, but we are currently minimizing the amount of crew assigned to any single filming location. Productions are being staffed with only the critical crew members in order to keep groups small and adhere to the current guidelines for group gatherings. In addition, all personnel on site are required to adhere to a 6ft minimum distance from each other at all times, and temperature checks are carried out at the beginning of each filming day.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Every production is assigned a previously-cleaned set of equipment and all crew are required to arrive wearing freshly washed attire. Following every shoot, all equipment utilized undergoes a strenuous cleaning process utilizing detergent and/or disinfectant spray. When used, our sound stage also goes though a similar cleaning and disinfection process, and we require all staff to immediately wash any clothing used during that production day.

Remote Collaboration

Although this is nothing new to our workflow, DHD Films offers a myriad of supports for remote collaboration during the pre-production and post-production phases of live-action productions, as well as during the production phase of animations and the like. Clients can review drafts via the industry-standard Frame.IO platform, and we support online conferencing via Slack, Zoom, and UberConference. Of course, we’re always happy to use a client’s existing technology stack to make interactions smooth and seamless.

Virtual Productions

If you’re interested in 100% virtual solutions, we have a variety of options available. Head over to our Virtual Events page to learn about the many ways in which we can support you. Whether it’s an internal all-hands, a large client meeting, or an industry conference, DHD Films will help you rise above the fray and take your Virtual Events to the next level. 

Contactless Filming Solutions

When you have to keep the maximum amount of physical distance, our Contactless Filming Solutions provide a safe option to capture high-quality video. Set your productions and online engagements a tier above the rest by leveraging our Mobile Production Studio or Mail-In Camera Kits. Both of these options have been developed with the highest production value in mind, and offer end-to-end support for a seamless experience.