Not too long ago, the options for filming on-location were fairly limited and often intrusive. Locations had to accommodate a significant number of crew members and their accompanying cart-loads of gear. And if you wanted to broadcast at all you would be dealing with a large van with a huge satellite dish on the roof.

A Sign of The Times

Times have changed, and the current health crisis has forced a lot of industries to adapt to the new normal. Luckily, one of the DHD team’s core values is passionate curiosity. From immersive experiences to groundbreaking video formats, our solutions have always been at the forefront of what’s possible. That’s why DHD was more than prepared for the current restrictions and guidelines around on-location filming. Our solutions are letting our customers keep working (and filming) from home, and keeping everyone safe while we’re at it.

Less Contact, More Content

Companies of all sizes are investing time and energy in creating more and more content to communicate with their stakeholders remotely. DHD’s solutions enable brands to create more content at higher quality standards, with the least amount of physical interaction with our crew. Our Mobile Production Studio (MPS) packs the punch of an in-studio setup in a significantly smaller and 100% mobile form factor. For a maximum contact-free experience, we also offer a Mail-In Camera Kit (MICK) that ships to and from your house or place of business. Both solutions are easy to set up and offer significantly superior image quality over webcams or laptop cameras.

Left: Our Mobile Production Studio (MPS); Right: Our Mail-In Camera Kit (MICK)

A Crew At Your Fingertips

Although our contactless filming solutions are powered by technology, the true value is in our people power. Both kits offer the ability to have a producer, director, and any number of client-side staff on-hand during during the production. We can provide direction, feedback, and even conduct interviews live from the safety of our remote locations. If you’re using the MPS, a tech team can be at hand just outside your location to handle any support. If you’re using the MICK, our team can wire in from any location around the globe to help you make the best of your shoot.

Filming remotely doesn’t mean filming alone. Our crew can join your filming live from our remote locations.

No matter what your project needs to succeed, or what you need to feel safe and secure, our team is ready to provide a range of options that can ensure everyone stays healthy and looks their best on-camera. Virtual Events and remote capture are here to stay, so get ahead of the curve and let us help your brand stand out on your next on-location shoot.