Expert Insights

Storytelling in Action

By DHD Films / April 25, 2017

When our client and frequent partner Big Tex Trailers needed a new and exciting way to highlight the benefits and features of one of their […] Read More

Big Video, Big Reward

By DHD Films / April 25, 2017 is RewardStyle’s consumer facing ready to shop content platform, making beautiful and original, mobile-first influencer content actionable for millions of socially inspired shoppers worldwide. […] Read More

7 Booming Social Video Trends to Increase Your ROI

By DHD Films / April 11, 2017

There is no other avenue that increases engagement and conversion rates, calls audiences to action, and holds our attention like video. Don’t believe me? Play […] Read More

Is Brand Recognition Enough?

By DHD Films / March 1, 2017

Drive Consideration, Favorability, Purchase Intent and Sales on Your Website At DHD Films, our online video services can do more than just help increase your […] Read More

The Value of Sound Design

By DHD Films / March 1, 2017

There are 3 basic elements every film has when it comes to audio: music, dialogue and sound design. It’s easy to understand how important dialogue […] Read More

Intern Confessional

By DHD Films / August 7, 2016

“How does everyone feel about this scene? Good? Okay, good. Camera?” “Rolling.” “Audio?” “Speeding.” “Alright here we go. Three, two, one, actio-“ “Hold up, hold […] Read More