Digital Marketing

Branding Gone Agile

Agile Branding is a key component of a successful business strategy. Treated as a living entity, agile branding is an iterative process that allows brand strategists to rapidly respond to changes in industry and consumer behavior, keeping organizations closely aligned to their customers. The Agile Triumvirate: Strategy, Messaging, and Design […]

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Are They Listening?

The Power of Personalization If you’re concerned your message isn’t reaching your audience, personalize it.   Tailoring content and experiences to individual members of your audience increases open and click-through rates, and multiplies ROI five to eight times. The question is not whether you can afford to personalize, it’s how […]

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What’s On Our Screens

READ: Will Smith’s Gemini Man shifts the cinematic focus from narrative storytelling to technical specs. LISTEN: Reenergize your email list with the help of copywriting teacher Belinda Weaver in this short podcast. READ: Fortnite’s intentional blackout serves as an ingenious marketing move. WATCH: Rhett and Link are back to review […]

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